The works that make up the series Éramos esperados propose a reflection on the political perspectives of the Argentina of the 20 th Century. In the series, the image of the waving Argentine flag is recurring and makes reference to the first filming in the country. This foundational image, as much identitary as it is uncertain, is linked to other archival images to create conceptual montages. The projectors – ranging from powerful 35mm cinema machines to the fragility of a Super 8 projector – are a fundamental part of the composition of each piece. Also, it is essential to connect with them: the projected images, the tables, the scaffolding, the mechanized devices, the structures of the film circulation and the very film itself that leaves the project and pours over the space, and in doing so describes figures and surfaces. These are complex designs created with materials of diverse natures that the audience discovers progressively in encountering each work.