The central piece of this series is a 16mm film projector that has been reengineered, its machinery altered to destroy the film that it projects. In this way the cinema – a technology of memory and of documentation – is transformed into an allegory of the processes of forgetting. The image projected is that of the Argentine flag waving, which refers to what was the first image filmed in national territory, La bandera argentina / The Argentine Flag (Eugenio Py, 1897). When the film stops advancing every 28 – 32 frames, and a frame begins to melt in the heat of the projector lamp, a wave of reflections and conflicting emotions invade us. The film burns, something is wrong, we must stop the damage. Anxiety is greater in this technological present in which thedigital reigns: in the universe of elusive information, the physical destruction of the film upsets us because it represents the loss something real. But, it is an original? There is no original; it is cinema. Are you burning the flag? No, just an image. This anguish before that loss that is not really a loss blocks us from pausing to see what is truly original, and unrepeatable: the still image in its process of transformation by being exposed for a prolonged time to the heat of the projector lamp. Memory is worth little if it is not material of the present. Only in this way, is history ours.