Instante Bony is a series of portraits of Oscar Bony, one of the greatest conceptual artists of Argentina. In 2000, Andrés Denegi had the opportunity to record Bony while he created various pieces for his series El triunfo de la muerte / TheTriumph of Death, also known as the serie de los suicidios / the series of suicides. In these works, Bony shoots a 9mm pistol at photographic self-portraits. Denegri’s filmic record, in Super 8, reveals to the audience the implied counterpoint of these images shot through by Bony. We see the hidden performatic moment and it allows us to access the smallest details of the artist’s gesture. The images of which the videos, photographs and installation that completes this series are composed, uselessly try to make themselves the precise moment of the shot, which is also the moment of creation.