Dialogues (on the benches of a park) is a system for generating fictions, with a random structure and of an ephemeral character that is set up as a video-installation. In each one of the screens, the image is similar: benches in a plaza. These are videos that are generated automatically by cameras controlled by a system that is spatially programmed for this work. Over the image, dialogues that are created by different artists are superimposed, linking them to the image, and in doing so, produce a new meaning. The sound comes from the automatized and random mix of sounds recorded in the plaza where the camera was set up. Each encounter between a video and a dialogue Can only occur once. After being in the system for a set amount of time, the video is deleted. The system renews its video base constantly. In this way, each small audiovisual tale that comes from the connection between image, text and sound is unrepeatable.

Dialogues (on the benches of a park), 2009
3-channel video
Variable measures